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The perfect cloud platform for retail at scale

Vend is the sleek, cloud-based retail management system that allows you to sell in-store and online - wherever your customers are.

Anything but clunky, expensive enterprise software

Easy to use integrate and deploy

Easy to use, integrate and deploy

COVID-19 has made large, complex retailers across the globe realize that having a well-connected, digitally-savvy business is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity.

But digital transformation doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. Vend is easy to use, integrate, and deploy, making it the only piece of software that both your retail staff and IT teams will love.

Vend combines the best of both worlds; not only is it a great in-store point of sale, but it also boasts deep retail functionality. Plus, it has an open ecosystem of apps, including integrations with the world’s leading ERPs and ecommerce platforms.

Our flexible platform makes Vend the instant upgrade to your retail operations. It's also cloud-based, meaning your data is always accessible and you’ll save on server costs.

2 Sell Everywhere v2

Sell everywhere

Vend allows you to sell wherever your customers are. We integrate with leading ecommerce platforms, so that you can get online orders into the hands of your customers faster.

  • Manage your product catalog from Vend, integrated with your ecommerce platform and ERP
  • Check order statuses as they come in
  • Enable click and collect
  • Fulfill orders directly from Vend
  • Never lose a sale, even if your store doesn’t have stock, with endless aisle
  • Sync customer details between your store and online platform
  • Run loyalty programs across multiple locations
  • Target your customers with different offers based on where they shop
  • Sell on search engines or social media
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See what retailers are saying about Vend

3 Save time training

Save time on training

Running dozens of retail stores is complicated.

You may have several teams of staff to manage, multiple business-critical IT systems and complex in-store workflows.  An easy to use POS can positively impact your bottom line by maximising sales volume, saving on training costs and avoiding costly mistakes. Vend’s delightfully easy to use POS gives you and your staff one less thing to worry about.

4 Move weightlessly to the cloud v2

Move weightlessly to the cloud; save a ton

Save on servers

One of the best value systems on the market, Vend can dramatically decrease retailers’ costs. Because we’re cloud-based, Vend is a more economical option, as you don’t have to wear the cost of hosting servers on site. Vend mitigates the astronomical IT, support and maintenance costs that come with traditional enterprise software.

Never lose business continuity

As global COVID-19 lockdowns have proven, having on-premise retail tools is no longer an option. Legacy systems saw numerous businesses unable to perform critical tasks when markets around the world went into lockdown. But business continuity isn’t just important during global pandemics - having your data stored in the cloud ensures it is easy to access, backed up and protected in a secure location, so that your business never misses a beat.

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Unleash the power of your ERP

Vend integrates with world-leading ERPs to securely support complex tasks like in-store inventory management, supply chain and reporting. We partner with world-class integration experts, Jitterbit, to offer some of the deepest, most secure ERP to in-store management platform integrations on the market.

  • Vend is built for the cloud, so it is quick to deploy and highly scalable, meaning we can grow with you.
  • Synchronise key retail data across Vend and your ERP, such as inventory, retail prices, sales taxes, multi-subsidiary customers and locations, as well as master products
  • Robust reporting and analysis of near real-time sales data from Vend 
  • All transactions in Vend correspond to a financial transaction in your ERP
  • Manage laybys and on-account sales across both systems
  • Leverage Vend’s built-in gift cards, comprehensive retail promotions and customer loyalty solutions
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Workflows by Vend - The tools that work for you

We understand that all retail businesses have different needs. That’s why we built Workflows by Vend.

Workflows is a collection of APIs that give you the ability to customise Vend to suit your needs. For example, you could use Workflows to enable:

  • ID verification when customers buy age restricted items, such as liquor
  • Discounts when customers buy a specific combination of products
  • Prompts for cashiers to record serial numbers when customers purchase items such as electronics
  • Integrations with scales when customers purchase items priced by weight, such as meat

The possibilities are endless. Get all of the tools your business needs and none of the ones you don’t.

5 Payments hardware that work for you v2

The flexibility your business needs

Point of sale hardware that makes sense

With Vend, you can sell in store on Mac or PC, or sell on the go with Vend for iPad or mobile. Plus, Vend takes the “hard” out of hardware. Whether you’re purchasing new equipment or looking for a POS system that works with the tools you already have, you’ll get up and running easily with Vend.

Connect with what you’ve already invested in

We focus on in-store workflows - but we know that’s not all there is to retail.

We’re the only pure-cloud solution with an open API and a vendor-agnostic ecosystem of apps. That means we’ll work with what you’ve already invested in; you don’t have to ‘rip and replace’, plus we have transparent pricing plans.

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5 Payments hardware that work for you

Payments and systems that scale with you

Accept all the ways your customers want to pay

Accept all the ways your customers want to pay, in-store, online and on-the go. Vend integrates with leading payment providers for a seamless checkout experience.

Vend is also payments agnostic, allowing you to use your preferred payment provider, because we know that your business is different.

Scale up or down, as your business requires

Retail is changing quickly, and retailers need powerful, flexible and scalable systems. Vend processes approximately 240 million sales a year, without breaking a sweat. As your business needs change, Vend does with them. You can easily add additional registers or locations whether you’re opening dozens of new stores a year, hosting pop ups in local markets or signing short-term, seasonal leases.

Experts in in-store retail

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Cloud POS Pioneers

At Vend, we’ve been pioneering cloud-based retail for more than a decade. We’ve been running our systems in the cloud since before it was cool. We focus on everything it takes to run a retail store - and we’re damn good at it.

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Manage workflows across dozens of outlets

Manage workflows across dozens of outlets
Vend has all of the workflows you need to run your business. We integrate with leading ERP systems and retail management apps, and we offer complex multi-outlet inventory workflows, including: stock ordering and fulfilment (endless aisle, click and collect, cross-store, delivery), as well as returns and exchanges at the point of sale.

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Flawlessly manage in-store operations

Vend is much more than a good looking cash register; it empowers your staff, from store managers to cashiers, to make more informed decisions by putting powerful customer, inventory and product analytics at the tip of their fingers.

Security v2

Rest easy thanks to Vend’s security measures

The security of your business and the privacy of your customers is our priority, so it doesn't have to be yours.

We operate a security vulnerability disclosure program, in which security researchers around the world continuously test the security of our services.

We also keep our systems up to date with regular security patches and use multiple firewalls and VPN services to help block unauthorised access.

We maintain relationships with reputable independent security firms to regularly perform penetration tests, source code assessments and security reviews. Plus, we’re hosted on AWS, meaning we get to leverage their world- leading security.

In short, security is important to you and your trust is important to us.

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