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Vend is changing the way retailers do business all over the world. Every day thousands of retailers look to the cloud for more affordable and efficient ways to run their stores. But they need help making the transition.

Partner with Vend to grow your reseller or consulting business with the world’s leading cloud-based point of sale. Receive client referrals, grow new revenue streams, and lead the cloud revolution.

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Earn 20% ongoing commission

Earn 20% ongoing commission for the lifetime of your active Vend clients.

Charge for time

Charge for your time

Create new supplementary services and charge for your time and expertise.

Add ons

Expand your services with product apps

Partner with Vend apps to earn additional commission, reach new verticals and reduce client churn.

Program benefits

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Ongoing commission

Earn 20% commission for the lifetime of the client.
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Co-marketing & events

Access marketing resources, brand assets and guides for easy promotion. Receive an event allowance from Vend.
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Partner dashboard

Easily track your leads and commission, access marketing resources and guides, and keep up to date with the latest news.
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Add value to your portfolio, create additional revenue streams, and reach new retail verticals by partnering with Vend add-ons.
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Become a certified Vend expert reseller with in-depth knowledge of Vend implementations, hardware setup, and add-ons.
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Promotion & referrals

Get a featured listing in Vend’s searchable Expert Directory. Receive valuable client referrals from Vend.

Program requirements

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Experts are required to activate two new Vend accounts each month after the first six months of partnership.

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Provide clients with onsite implementation, ongoing support and training. Easily build revenue streams around these services.

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Partner with Vend to offer your customers the best retail solution.

Frequently asked questions

Vend’s Expert program is well suited to businesses and individuals who provide retail services and support to clients, implement point of sale and retail management systems, or are IT or Apple specialists.

But anyone interested in expanding their services portfolio, earning revenue share, and providing ongoing support to retail clients is invited to apply.

The Vend Expert program is high-touch and time intensive. It is designed for people who build their business around providing hands-on services and support to clients. Experts can build a robust business and grow new revenue streams around Vend.

The Vend Advisor program is low-touch with no time commitment. It is designed for people who wish to spread the word about Vend, earn a commission, and/or provide contacts and clients with useful software and valuable services. No client setup or support is required of Advisors.

Learn more about the Advisor program.

Vend will be responsible for training and certifying your staff. There is no limit to the number of employees you can put through Vend training.

Our certification course consists of three sessions, no longer than two hours each, run over the course of one to two weeks, depending on the schedule.

Vend implementations are very consistent, making it easy for you to quote implementation times and pricing, and stay on target. That said, implementations vary depending on the size and requirements of the retail business.

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