Papersmiths reduced admin and increased profits with Vend POS

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Papersmiths offers a carefully curated range of stationery, sold online and in their stylish shops.

Boutique retailer with two brick and mortar locations and a Shopify ecommerce store.

At a Glance

Unified stock management in-store and online.

Using Vend, Papersmiths is able to:

  • Sell to the world with Shopify integration.
  • Manage inventory across their physical and ecommerce stores.
  • Place stock orders remotely, from anywhere in the world.
  • Access real-time analytics to make smarter decisions.
  • Focus less on time-consuming admin and more on growing the business.

The Challenge

Papersmiths needed a system that would integrate seamlessly with Shopify, so they could keep track of their inventory in-store and online.

Papersmiths co-founders Sidonie Warren and Kyle Clarke didn’t set out to open a stationery business. Instead it happened naturally when they moved their design studio to a new location that happened to have a storefront.

With a background in design, choosing beautiful products was easy - but managing inventory across their brick-and-mortar store and online platform wasn’t.

“We were having huge problems managing our online store inventory. Every time we sold a product, we had to manually update Shopify.”
Sidonie Warren, co-founder

The Solution

Papersmiths chose Vend for its powerful inventory management and partnerships with the world's best cloud business apps.

Vend meant Sidonie and Kyle could say goodbye to painful and time-consuming admin, and hello to seamless inventory management across all channels.

To complete their total retail management solution, Papersmiths added Xero to take care of their accounting and iZettle for integrated payments - both of which seamlessly integrate with Vend.

“Now we have the systems, we employ twelve wonderful people and we’re profiting.”
Sidonie Warren, co-founder

Papersmiths brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

With Vend, Papersmiths has been able to spend less time on admin, and focus more time on growing their business – which has helped the business expand from a small studio to two retail stores.

Keeping track of stock levels across their brick and mortar and ecommerce stores used to present a stressful, frustrating problem. “I think we appreciate Vend that much more because we had such a horrible time without it!” says Sidonie. Unified stock management in-store and online gives Sidonie the time to focus on growing the business, rather than spending time on day-to-day inventory and shopkeeping logistics.

Papersmiths use Vend’s reporting and analytics features to know what products and brands sell, helping them to make better business decisions. Daily stock takes are a breeze and partial inventory counts mean the store never needs to close. “It’s fascinating to see which products are most popular and why. Plus, it helps us make better buying decisions.”

The bottom line? Stress-free inventory management across channels means more time to focus on the things they love, choosing beautiful products and growing their business.

“Vend has improved our efficiency massively. It saves us time because it links to Shopify and updates our inventory automatically.”
Sidonie Warren, co-founder

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