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TheSuperCool is a South Melbourne-based gift emporium featuring organic, fairtrade, and handmade “everyday objects carefully curated from around the globe.”

Six‑year‑old retailer with a brick and mortar location in the South Melbourne Market, an ecommerce presence through Shopify, and a mobile store that functions as the venue for TheSuperCool’s pop‑up events.

At a Glance

750% mailing list growth in 3 years

With Vend, TheSuperCool:

  • Seamlessly manage all aspects of a growing business.
  • Easily handle stock and process transactions across sales channels.
  • Run the business from anywhere (handy for their mobile shop!).
  • Enjoy greater transparency over operations.

The Challenge

TheSuperCool needed a POS system to help them easily navigate and manage all aspects of a growing business while keeping everything consistent with their brand.

Six years ago, husband and wife David “Noonie” Nunez and Kate Vandermeer founded TheSuperCool: a mobile emporium they drove around Australia, using social media to alert their fans to their whereabouts. They stocked the mobile giftwares store with curated objects from around the world, focusing on “supporting small business makers that offer organic, fairtrade, and handmade products.”

Since then, TheSuperCool has hosted 30 pop‑ups with their mobile emporium (ranging in duration from 2 days to 12 months), opened a brick and mortar location in the South Melbourne Market’s SO:ME Space, and expanded their brand with TheSuperCool Kid.

But throughout all that growth, Noonie and Kate became increasingly frustrated by the difficulty of efficiently managing every aspect of their business (inventory, customer loyalty, gift cards, and all the rest!) while keeping decisions consistent with TheSuperCool brand.

The method they’d been using - first manually recording transactions, then employing a license‑based desktop POS - just wasn’t cutting it anymore. They needed a POS better‑suited to their current needs.

“As we grew, we found it difficult to manage a changing business. Moving to Vend helped us tackle most issues straightaway and gave us more transparency over TheSuperCool.”
David “Noonie” Nunez, co‑founder and co‑owner

The Solution

Noonie and Kate decided on Vend, which helped them immediately alleviate most of their existing stresses and gain greater transparency over TheSuperCool.

Vend allowed Noonie and Kate to get their business affairs tightly under control.

The system’s user‑friendliness and simple setup let them get up and running quickly, and its cloud‑based nature suited TheSuperCool’s nomadic nature to a tee. “It’s enabled us to easily manage stock and process transactions for our brick and mortar store, pop‑ups, and online,” Noonie says.

Noonie and Kate were also drawn in by the ease with which Vend allows customers to add locations and registers, as they’d been looking for a system to help them smoothly manage operations across their mobile emporium, brick and mortar location, and ecommerce store.

The husband and wife team also chose Vend for its top‑of‑the‑line integrations and app ecosystem, which enabled them to remotely access tools they selected specifically for TheSuperCool’s needs.

Those tools? iPad for hardware, Xero for accounting, Shopify for ecommerce, and Collect Rewards for customer loyalty - all seamlessly integrated with Vend, making for a sleek and enjoyable POS experience.

“Vend is a game changer for small to medium businesses. It’s a tool that allows you to run your retail like the majors do, but at a fraction of the cost.”
David “Noonie” Nunez, co‑founder and co‑owner

TheSuperCool brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

750% mailing list growth over 3 years, greater transparency over the entire business, smooth and hassle‑free inventory management, a custom small-business solution thanks to Vend’s app ecosystem and integrations, and the handy ability to run TheSuperCool from anywhere in the world.

With Vend, Noonie and Kate have been able to let go of the things that were once sucking up huge amounts of time and energy - manual reconciliation and sales tracking, the inability to easily manage the business across multiple locations, a cumbersome POS not suited to their wanderings - and instead focus their efforts on what makes TheSuperCool shine.

With the valuable hours they’ve saved, the duo has zeroed in on improving the customer experience: collaborating with artists on exclusive products, implementing international shipping, and providing excellent incentives with SuperCool Amigos (their customer loyalty program).

And speaking of that loyalty program? Using the Vend‑Collect Rewards integration, Noonie and Kate have been able to grow their email list by 750% in the three years the program’s been underway.

Because they can access Vend from anywhere in the world, they’ve also been able to adapt their professional lives to their personal ones - raising their daughter Lola without having to worry about constantly being in‑store or operating their mobile emporium. Instead, they enjoy the handy ability to receive stock, create products, and check business analytics no matter where they are.

“We definitely recommend Vend. It’s the key tool you need to manage all elements of your business including sales and customer data - and you can access it remotely at any time.”
David “Noonie” Nunez, co‑founder and co‑owner

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