The Edit grew from a single boutique to four successful stores with Vend

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Fashion boutiques offering cool, contemporary womenswear and on-trend accessories, plus friendly styling advice in-store.

Four fashion boutiques located across the UK plus an online store.

At a Glance

Four stores up and running in just two years.

With Vend, The Edit has been able to:

  • Check in on stores from anywhere.
  • Make better buying decisions.
  • Quickly train and manage staff.
  • Sell and manage gift cards with ease.

The Challenge

Before opening her first fashion boutique, Penny Rawson knew that one of her first steps would be to find the best point of sale software for her new business.

Penny Rawson opened up The Edit as a fashion boutique in her local village. “I felt there was a gap for fashion that made you feel good every day for my range of people, affluent mums that have grown out of the high-street shops,” explains Penny. “I also wanted to make the pricing really accessible because I love boutiques, but often find the prices stop me from buying everyday clothes.”

Before opening the doors, Penny knew that getting the right software was going to be key to running a successful store. High on her list of priorities was an intuitive interface for her and her staff to use, the ability to connect with an online store, plus a system that could support her business growth.

“I knew that getting the right software was going to be really critical. We knew we needed to get that sorted before we opened the doors.”
Penny Rawson, co-founder

The Solution

With Vend, Penny found that she could get setup and train staff with ease.

While doing her research, Penny found Vend provided the business solution she needed while being easy to use in-store. “It looked really user friendly,” says Penny. “I knew I was going to have to have employees using the system so a great interface was really important.”

The Edit chose Vend, and set the system up in-store themselves quickly and easily. They now use iPads for sales across all of their stores, and a laptop for back-end operations and reporting.

“I looked up Vend online and that gave me all the information I needed to be confident I’d found the perfect system for my business.”
Penny Rawson, co-founder

The Edit brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

The Edit has been able to rapidly expand thanks to the ease of replicating Vend across stores and the insights they’ve gained from advanced reporting.

Vend’s advanced reporting also helps Penny choose what products to stock, even when she’s searching for new garments in France or Italy. “When I’m out buying I don’t have to take any information, I just use Vend on my phone,” says Penny. “I can pull up things like how many different product categories and holdings are in stock,” says Penny. “Things like that definitely help me make the right buying decisions.”

Penny found it simple to replicate her setup and open three new stores. Now that her business is spread across different towns, Vend makes it easy for Penny to keep track of every location through the cloud. “It’s so key to be able to access Vend remotely,” she explains. “To be able to do that gives you confidence and peace of mind that you know exactly what’s going on.”

Penny, her staff and her customers are all seeing the benefit of having Vend in-store. Staff can do almost anything quickly and easily from the point of sale, and The Edit has been able to introduce gift cards and stay in touch with their customers.

“I’ve looked at a lot of systems and I think Vend is the best out there. I definitely recommend it.”
Penny Rawson, co-founder

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